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Your voice matters

Your participation in the ILA PAC & COPE helps to get candidates elected that best support our local values and business goals. The ILA promotes its interests through direct discussions, participation in events/activities, and in cooperation with our international office. However, combining our work at the federal, state and local levels with PAC contributions, provides the best positioning for our Locals and its members.

Our PAC is nonpartisan and supports both Democrats and Republicans. Your dollars help support candidates on both sides of the aisle who are sensitive to the issues that impact our members and industry. To receive contributions from our PAC, candidates must demonstrate: sound judgment on our issues, a supportive voting record and viability as a candidate.

Contributing to the PAC provides you with the opportunity to be more informed about political candidates, issues related to the association, and provides you the ability to be more engaged in the local political process. In addition, your participation enables the ILA to be a visible player in the political process and sends a strong, collective message that contributors share the interests of their association or industry. There is strength in numbers.



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