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Improving the Houston Ship Channel means economic growth, and a safer, more efficient waterway

Improvements to the Houston Ship Channel are needed to safely maintain and grow our region and the nation's economy.

A wider and safer channel that maintains two-way traffic is the backbone of the refining, pipeline, manufacturing, rail, road, and other critical infrastructure at the Port of Houston, supporting the growth of domestic energy production and petrochemical manufacturing, as well as welcoming increasing ship sizes.

It is estimated that more than $50 billion has been invested in terminals and facilities at the Port of Houston to handle increasing volumes. This growth can be hindered without the capability of efficiently importing and exporting products in the world marketplace, thereby jeopardizing the associated economic benefits of jobs, national energy security, and growth.

This would be the eleventh major improvement project to the waterway over its history dating back more than a century.

The ILA is in support of this project and with support of various local partners and stakeholders, has been advocating for expediting the approval and funding of this project. Working together with industry stakeholders and with our partners on this improvement effort, the Houston Ship Channel will continue to bring jobs to our members.

For more information about this project, click here.

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